Predavanje, Razgovor 12. Jun 16. 19:30


Historical (pseudo)revisionism or the war against the idea of Yugoslavia

Wars against the idea of self-managed, socialist, antifascist Yugoslavia are still not over. In order to completely demolish the ideological legacy of the previous state, new states are undergoing the shock treatment with historical (pseudo)revisionism which is not only reflected in rehabilitation of fascist politics, but also suppresses articulation of any alternatives to the „transition to democracy“ which essentially denotes violent transition from socialism to capitalism. What is historical (pseudo)revisionism, what are its mechanisms, which ideologies drive it will be the questions we will try to address during this presentation and conversation. Some potential fields of antifascist struggle will be discussed also, as well as the current process of rehabilitation of the quisling Milan Nedić.

This discussion, open to the public, is part of seminar for antifascist activists and will be held by Nenad Porobić, member of an informal initiative Ne rehabilitaciji.

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