Muzički događaj 20. Oct 16. 21:00


Otkazano! One Hour Before The Trip

Nažalost, koncert bend One Hour Before The Trip se otkazuje zbog nepredviđenih okolnosti.
Saopštenje benda je u nastavku. Nadamo se da ćemo imati prilike da uskoro čujemo ovaj odličan bend.

Sadly, we have to inform you that our gig has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumastances that occured while trying to cross the Greek borders. Unfortunately, one of our members has a restriction order issued on his person and therefore is unable to leave the country. The reason for this has to do with his denial to conscript to the Greek armed forces. This could not have been predicted because in earlier tours we had no problems crossing the borders whatsoever. It seems that his status concerning this matter, has changed recently without any formal form of information. We as a group collectivebly believe in the freedom of individuals to deny to carry weapons and refuse to be trained to kill our brothers and sisters from neighbouring countries. We are very sad that this has to happen, but it is impossible for us to find a solution in such short notice.

One Hour Before The Trip je instrumentalni DIY post rok sastav iz Atine. Postoje od 2004. godine, kada su počeli da rade pod uticajem psihodelije i progresivnog roka, da bi u međuvremenu zaplovili u esperimentalnije i mračnijie vode dodajući treću gitaru. Iza sebe imaju četiri albuma koja su sami snimili i producirali u vlastitom studiju.

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