Razgovor 12. Mar 15. 19:00


Otvorena Infoteka

Since the end of December 2014, 28,000 people escaped from Kosovo. The reason is the political and economic unstable situation. Most of them are looking for a better life in the EU, but a large percentage was immediately deported. The coverage is rather disclaiming, talking about “avalanche-like refugee floods”.
In January the unsatisfying situation led to huge protests in Prishtina. In this frame, the resignation of the Serbian minister Aleksandar Jablanovic had been demanded. He provoked with his controversial public statements.
A general discontent with the whole government is obvious in all social areas.
It will be covered in this lecture, how these protests can be classified in the whole situation.
We will give you a brief overview of the political development in Kosovo in the last months and the current impacts on society. We would like you to stay for an open discussion after the lecture!

The program will be held in English by Dorarta, a german student who is currently doing a voluntary service in Kosovo.

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