Razgovor 23. Apr 15. 19:00


Otvorena Infoteka na temu: Syria

Razgovor se otkazuje zbog bolesti predavača.

A month ago the civil war in Syria started its fifth year.
More than 210,000 people had been killed and at least 10 million refugees are on the lam, most of them seeking for shelter in the neighbor countries, which are infrastructurell overallocated.
By now it became one of the biggest humanitarian disasters worldwide.
Since there is no real intent yet from the world powers ore influential organizations to stop this massacre, it is important to at least inform the largest number of people we can reach, about the situation there.
In this sense we invite you to our presentation, what will be about the Syrian Civil War, how everything began, and how the situation is right now.
The war effects, the refugee situation and the generation of children, who was the biggest victim, and many other topics.
We will be glad to answer all your questions and hope to start a constructive discussion with you.
This programm will be held in English.

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